Rockbrat Introduces You To: Rock Podcasts and Internet Radio you should be listening to

GeekShowIf you are like me, you no doubt spend far too many hours sitting in front of a screen. For many, this is a choice. For others of us who are deskbound by necessity, tuning into podcasts and online radio is a godsend, and a fantastic way to make the indolent day just that little more interesting. So it’s Monday, and I’m chained to the desk – again. The work ain’t any more interesting, I’m nursing a bad cold, and I’m suffering from a dose of the old Mondayitis. Thank God for internet radio – so let me share with you a few of my favourite podcasts and internet radio station that can help you put the rock in your day. Up first is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Geek Show. With over 600 shows,  this is one of the longest running rock podcast out there. The host, Michael Butler, is genuinely funny. He has an engaging personality, and has the ability to make you feel like a long lost friend. Both Mr Rockbrat and I have had some contact with Butler over the years., including setting him up with interviews with Cherie Currie and Ellen Foley. For life long rock fans like us, he is kindred. We speak the same language. He deserves every success and is deserving of your support. Tune in, you won’t be disappointed. He drinks beer on each show (he started this), digs Australian rock n roll like the Tatts and Angels, and has rock history. I still tune in each week. Last week he did a review of the new Whitford St. Homes album ‘Reunion’, which is a dynamite record and worthwhile checking out. Another couple of podcasts I check out are Dee Snider’s podcast called ‘Snider Comments’ on the Podcast One website. Snider is, as you’d expect, opinionated, but also engaging to listen to. He talks about things other than rock, such as fitness, health, imageslifestyle stuff – and doesn’t like to be pigeonholed into talking just about rock and Twisted Sister, yet the reality is, that’s what people want to listen to. I love when he tells old stories about the road, his times spent with Lemmy, or when he interviews people like Frankie Banali. Another good one. Still on Podcast One, I also tune into Eddie Trunk. Trunk has kind of niched himself as the voice or authority on heavy metal, and as he’ll tell you (time and time again) – he used to work in a record store, had a metal radio show on a Noo Joysey radio station, and also worked for Megaforce (a spinoff of Atlantic) in the late 80s. From there, he managed to eke out a living as the ‘go to’ metal guy. Bigger radio shows,  That Metal Show on TV. His voice is so influential now, that artists careers can get a big boost by being on his show. He does have some good guests on his podcasts, but far too often it sounds like a mutual appreciation society with Trunk often overstating his significance. I.e. HE broke the news about Lemmy’s death, HE was influential in certain bands getting signed or airplay etc, HE has Slash’s phone number. Whatever. His shows often sound a like a commercial, with him pissing in the artist’s pocket about some past connection he has with them, or how he helped them in some way. He is somewhat ingratiating, in a Glenn A Baker know it all kind of way, but still worth tuning into. He is lucky enough to make a career out of his knowledge of metal – but in the 1980s, he was a fat fan boy who now has a good head for radio. He lacks the humility that Butler has, although he does agree with me and Rockbrat that KI$$ should call it a day so kudos to him for that. The White Line Fever podcast is an Australian podcast worthy of your attention. This is the ultra cool podcast by Steve Mascord, combing his two loves of rock n roll and rugby league. It is a way cool podcast and thoroughly recommended. Steve is a rock and rugby league journalist – and I love his take on rock n roll. Hot Metal indeed.

There are an absolute plethora of internet streaming radio shows available – yet one I listen to on an almost daily basis of late is Hard Rock Heaven. No need to subscribe, although they will push you to do so. They play a lot of deep cuts too, and not just the well-known tunes podcast-artworkyou’d expect from these bands. Recently I’ve heard less common tunes from bands such as House Of Lords, Killer Dwarfs, John Norum (love his version of Back On The Streets), Vixen, Hardline and Icon to name but a few. I’ve also rediscovered what a great band Talisman were, well, their first album anyway. Talisman were a Swedish band whose first album from 1990 unluckily got lost amidst the masses of non-descript cowboy booted, pouting prancers who were around at that time. The band featured a couple of guys who had done time with Yngwie’s Rising Force in the mid 80s and their was also a connection with the aforementioned John Norum that escapes me. I do know that Jeff Scott Soto was involved and it was his voice that can be heard on the band’s debut self-titled album from 1990. The band continued well into the 90s. Anyway, search out their debut, it’s a good one, or checkout their video for ‘Women, Whiskey and Song’. It’s a ripper. Is it unethical of me to say that I also listen to the radio show that Rockbrat and I do, called The Australian Rock Show? Who cares. Mr Rockbrat has been the one pushing this for all of last year and I’m championing his efforts, cos he really does make a big effort with this show with research, time, preparation and production – to make it the best it can be. With 53 shows done and available for free download, it is as good as any other rock podcast out there. No one else is doing an all Oz rock content so hats off to Mr Rockbrat for his efforts. You could also do worse than to pick up a cool t shirt from the web site to show your support as well. It’s now 5.30 pm. The shackles that bind me to the desk are broken (for the day). Time to unplug and takes Biff Hannen’s advice – make like a tree, and get out of here.

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