Rockbrat Remembers: When Spencer Jones played with The Gun Club

The Gun Club – live review Sydney 1983 (with Spencer Jones. Click here to enlarge

On the eve of their 1983 Australian tour, before leaving from the UK, Jim Duckworth and Terry Graham refused to get on the plane. As is now commonly known,  without a guitarist or a drummer, Jeffrey Lee Pierce had the supporting act (The Johnny’s) drummer (Billy Pommer Jr) and guitarist, Spencer Jones fill in for the tour. With all the recent talk of Spencer Jones’ ill health, I thought it worthwhile to remind readers of how significant a contribution Jones has made to Australian rock n roll over several decades now. Like many others of his era – he is rock n roll – pure and simple. No pretensions. It must be 20 years now since Jeffrey Lee Pierce passed away – yet his legacy has only grown. For the uninitiated, Jeffrey Lee Pierce arose from the punk scene in Los Angeles as the singer and guitarist with The Gun Club. Their fusing of the blues with a furious punk spirit was considered by many to be revolutionary, and their first three releases Fire of Love (1981), Miami (1982) and the Death Party EP (1983) and considered classics, a blue print for artists like The White Stripes.

Anyway, today I was thumbing through an old issue of On The Street (Sydney street press) from 1983 and I found this live review of The Gun Club in Sydney from that tour. Makes interesting reading, with a young Celibate Rifles in support. Enjoy.

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