Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: BUN E CARLOS (Cheap Trick) Drumstick (1988)

On the drums – Mr Bun E Carlos (not Dax)….

If you have ever seen Cheap Trick over the years and not caught a Rick Nielson guitar pick, you can probably count yourself as pretty unlucky. He must have thrown thousands of the things out to the crowd over the years, probably more so than any other guitar player ever, and it was a marketing idea that he no doubt picked up from KI$$. Kids in an audience love having a souvenir from the gig – with the most common item thrown from the stage being the guitar pick. Yet there’s also been raw meat (Blackie), bibles (the yellow and black attack variety), and the broken guitar (if you were lucky). Drumsticks have also been thrown out in their thousands, and I’m sure some kid must have lost an eye over the years from this projectile being hurled into the crowd from the stage. Here you go. Ive googled it. Only a couple of months ago, A ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ fan was injured by a flying drumstick at the band’s concert in New Zealand, and almost lost her eye sight. ‘5 Seconds of Summer. Dork band alert! These retards have be the most contrived bunch of teen dorks Ive seen in a long time, and the fan deserves all shes gets for attending such a lame concert. Learn your lesson. I remember back in 1985 a friend of ours caught A.J Pero’s drumstick at Twisted Sister’s Sydney show. I was pretty impressed by that. Which brings me back to the topic. Cheap Trick. I saw Cheap Trick a few times in 1988. I believe I caught this Bun E Carlos drumstick from a gig at Selina’s, Coogee Bay in December 1988. The irony is that Mr Rockbrat scored the other one! Here it is.

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