From the Rockbrat Archives: Jackie Fox Interview (2000)

Jackie in 1976 (

1)Jackie, what’s been keeping you busy of late ? I’m going back into private practice as an entertainment attorney and on October 2nd will once again be personally representing actors, directors, writers, authors and bands.  So I’ve been busy wrapping up deals at my current job and packing.  Also I just bought a new house and I’ve been trying to get unpacked and get everything fixed and decorated before starting my new job. 2)Why has interest in the Runaways remained so high ? Good question and I’m not entirely sure of the answer. Probably because we were the first all-girl rock band, and because Joan and Lita became so successful as solo acts but have been inactive for awhile.  I don’t know maybe it has something to do with the internet, too. For the first time in almost 25 years, Runaways fans can really connect. 3)Favourite Runaways song/s and why ? Well, Cherry Bomb for all the obvious reasons is my favorite.  It’s just a great song.  Lot’s of bad girl attitude, great, simple chords, etc.  The Runaways were best when we kept it simple — Is It Day or Night, Secrets, American Nights, California Paradise, I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are.  I also love Dead End Justice — it’s so wonderfully cheesy!  Reminds me of those ’70’s women in prison movies with Linda Blair or Wendy O. Williams. 4)Fondest memory of the Japan tour ? (where The Runaways popularity was rivalled only by Kiss and Cheap Trick!) Meeting the fans.  I’ve never met nicer people than I met in Japan. 5)Can you name a couple highlights from your time in the band ?
Headlining over Cheap Trick and Tom Petty, being the cover story in Crawdaddy Magazine, just having albums out and playing in front of real people. 6)What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Runaways film/documentary ‘Edgeplay’ (written and directed by Vicki Blue)?
I was hesitant at first for there to be a documentary by a member of the band, but I’ve seen some of the footage and it looks great.  Vicki has chosen to focus on the more painful elements of the band, so it should be really interesting both for fans, and for people who may not have liked the band at the time, but will find the difficulties we went through interesting.  There is so much to say about the Runaways that Vicki is having to edit her movie down as it is, and she hasn’t even talked to everyone who has something to say.  But it’s a great movie, and it leaves the door open for someone else to present a different point of view. 7) Favourite Australian band/s We don’t really get to hear the cool ones here!  But I always had a soft spot for The Angels (who are known as Angel City in the states) because they were a good band and because I used to go out with Jim Hilbum and he’s a great guy.  If I had to pick a favorite though, I’d have to go with the Divinyls, who are one of my favorite all-time bands.  Christina Amphlett was doing the bad girl thing before the Runaways and their songs are great. 8)Name your 5 ‘desert island discs’ and why ? I never know if “greatest hits” packages count for these, cause they sure make picking easier!  Without selecting any greatest hits albums, though, off the top of my head I’d have to say The Stones ‘Let It Bleed’, Garbage’s first album, The Cult’s ‘Sonic Temple’ , The The’s ‘Dusk’, and David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 5: Sept/Oct 2000) *This interview was also translated and appeared in Doll Magazine in Japan in 2000 (see below)



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