From the Rockbrat Archives: Murder Style – ‘Refrain’ (1999)



On our recent Japan trip, Trash Brat Toni Romeo kept on ramblin’ bout this wild bunch calling themselves Murder Style who’d done a support slot with KK. ‘Wait til you see this band, wait til you see this band !!’ he’d say. Sure enough, they freakin-well rocked the house down with enough raw power (sorry) to wake Mt Fujiama. Live, they sounded as tough and as dangerous as they looked, and I was glad to get outta there alive ! Mo-hawked guitarist Kazunari looked as though he’d just walked off the set of Mad Max 2, and he forms a deadly duo with singer Miikko. Hell, if Iggy Pop and the much missed Wendy O Williams bore a daughter, then this red hot fox is surely her !! Yowza !! What a gal. ‘Refrain’ is a three-track EP and each song is the business. Choice cut is ‘The Angel of Judgement’ – a mid-paced tune with catchy bass run and tasty vox whilst Murder Style’s take of ‘Gimme Danger’ fucking motors and is guaranteed to sit you on your ass. The Plasmatics takin’ the Stooges head on ? You got it suckers !! Also check out the recent split 7″ they cut with R.O.M, where Murder Style do a scorching take of Patti Smith’s ‘Rock n Roll Nigger’ !! ? (Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 1: May 1999)

One thought on “From the Rockbrat Archives: Murder Style – ‘Refrain’ (1999)

  1. Great article written in excellent detail. I remember hearing about them in 1998 or 99.
    When I went to Japan for the second time, in October/November 2000 to play some shows (Ritchie Richard and The Broken Angels),we took a picture with two members of Murder Style, my bass player Kennie was scared of the guitar player with the Mohawk, more like petrified of him. Where as my drummer Moto(Lipstick Killers) was good friends with Murder Style. The picture was taken outside of “Club Gear” in Tokyo. They were cool Murder Style.
    Little Rickie 2017

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