From the Rockbrat Archives: Asteroid B-612 – ‘Readin’ Between The Lines’ (2000)

ab512ASTEROID B-612
Readin’ Between The Lines
(Full Toss)

Eight years after their inception, Asteroid B-612 have delivered the album that sees their potential finally realised. Asteroid B-612 are Australia’s premier rock ‘n’ roll band. (Fact) They have consistently delivered full flavoured motor-city rock action that the majority assume was pipelined from Detroit to Stockholm.(Fiction). With ‘Readin’ Between The Lines’, the songs are not only stronger, but there’s an underlying groove and an even greater emphasis been placed on melody, making this album something special. There’s plenty of Detroit-isms to satisfy the purists who dug the bands previous work, but there’s a couple of key ingredients here this time which sweeten the pot. The first is the singing of Grahame Spittles. Charismatic cool, whose vocals really give the songs an edge, and he has a great range to boot. (check out ‘Let It Slide’). The real clincher though is the sheer quality of the material. John Spittles has really ripened as a song writer, with an abundance of rich melody, groove and a whole of soul eminating from each tune. Before he was writing good songs, now he’s writing great songs. The album opens with a take of the ‘On Your Way On Down’, which creeps and meanders before finally hitting top gear. ‘September Crush’ is flat to the boards guitar action ala the Cowgirls/Humpers school, awash with Chuck Berry cool. ‘Still Waiting’, with it’s weeping guitars riding a simple melody, roll effortlessly into a stark and resonant chorus. This is indeed a treat and my favourite song on the album. Here is a band who can not only rock harder than their  contemporaries, but they got style and charm ,as well as fire and gasoline. The album closes with the good-time ‘So Long Goodbye’ with it’s mesh of Faces/Groovies-isms, is the perfect way to go out. I could rave about every number on this album, it’s just that good. One of the Australian albums of the year which should rightfully put this band into the upper bracket. Ten out of ten. (Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 6: Dec 2000)

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