From the Rockbrat Archives: Jeff Magnum (Dead Boys) Interview (1999)

The_Dead_Boys(1) What’s been keeping Jeff Magnum busy of late? I still enjoy the sound of my electric bass playing and practice every day. (2) Are you currently playing? In a band ? No, but I’ll hear any offers. (3) ‘The Devil’s Fork’ LP sounded killer compared to other inferior live Dead Boys material out there. Were you pleased with it’s success ? I wouldn’t know success if it lit a bag of shit on my doorstep, rang the doorbell and ran away (4) Are you planning on releasing any more Dead Boys material ? Sir, this window’s closed. (5) Is there any unreleased Dead Boys studio material locked in a vault which has never been released? It would take the x-ray vision of wheelchaired Superman to locate this mystery vault that you speak of so freely. And it probably smells like holy hell.(6) ‘What was the wildest show the Dead Boys ever played ? The Blitz Benefit at CBGB’s, maybe the Glasgow, Scotland gig. They just kept spitting and throwing shit at us. (7)Favourite Australian Band ?The Easybeats. (8) A Vegemite sandwich, kangaroo steak, or a can of Fosters ? Fosters ! And a penal colony field trip.

. (Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 2: Sept 1999)

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