From the Rockbrat Archives: Stewart Cunningham (Brother Brick/Yes Men) Interview (2000)

photo: C.Gray

1) Stew, what’s been happening with the Brother Brick of late ?  We’ve been touring to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and a lot of other places, played about 20 plus shows in the last 4 months so that’s taken up a lot of time. Been trying to finish up the writing of an EP now and also get the profile of the band a bit bigger in home town Sydney. There is a new 7″ pressed and on the way from Spain too (Bang! Records) called ‘See You Tonight’ – it’s a killer as well but yeah we are mainly trying to get this new recording together. 2) And the plans for 2000 for the Yes Men.  A Euro tour ? That would be great and it may happen in August cos I heard that White Jazz is gonna release the album (called “Prosody”) over there in July, it has already been released here on CD and vinyl on Stolen Records just this month. If the Yes Men can get over there I am hoping to also do a Brick tour on the back end and kill two birds with the one guitar! 3) What have you been listening to of late ? The Byrds (especially Untitled / Sweetheart of the Rodeo), Turbo Negro, The posthumously just released Freeloaders album –”Through the Sound Barrier”, Challenger 7- “Payola”, Son Volt -“Wide Swing Tremolo”, Nikki Sudden – “Red Brocade”, Ian Underwood’s (Challenger 7-Kryptonic’s) nightmare touring stories, Rugby League, Cricket, Watts album and the Yes Men – “Prosody” 4) The Move or classic Quo ? Not too familiar with The Move so I’ll have to go with Quo, although I much prefer the Pretty Things and the Who. 5) Brother Brick have just done a bunch of shows in Melbourne and Adelaide. Did you get a chance to see Repo, whom I rate as one of Oz’s best) ?  Yes I did – they were loud and proud and it was a good night, they have a great drummer – Jay Young who also used to play in the Bloodsucking Freaks and currently plays in another great band in Adelaide called Z-28. 6) Holden, Ford or Chrysler ?  If you have ever seen my Epiphone Wiltshire guitar then you will know that the answer to that is Chrysler. I used to have a Ford Falcon XW or XY that I really dug too. 7) Do you have a favourite axe of choice ?  Yes – I like tomahawks but a good heavy meat axe is also handy to have around the house whenever you need to execute errant housemates or guests 8) A message for all the Cat Scratch Fever readers out there ?  Ummmm…rock ‘n’ roll is punk and punk is rock ‘n’ roll…Triple J Sucks!!!!!….smash the system!!!! …oh yeah – Cat Scratch Fever people I love you guys – you are the true rock ‘n’ roll people…am I raving on or what???? (I just got out of a van after driving 11 hours on a hangover and no sleep, last night we got totally stinking and nearly pissed on some music industry wanker for fun, in fact I am still a bit smelly so I had better go take my medication and have a bath… good night all.

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 4: April/May 2000)

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