From the Rockbrat Archives: The Dragons – Live At The Casbah (Junk)

MI0001508095The Dragons are one of the most bitchin’ rock ‘n’ roll bands doin’ the rounds, and live, well that’s where they really come into their own. The Dragons attacks their material with gusto, and a sheer love of rock ‘n’ roll’s rich legacy – from the Stones to Thunders to Joan Jett to the Replacements- they keep tearin’ the same dog eared page out of the rock ‘n’ roll scrap book and plying it over and over again – and dammit it sounds good to this old rock dog !.Captured live on their home turf at San Diego’s Casbah, the Dragons churn out a selection of their own rockin’ ditties as well as dispensing a fair old kicking to some much-loved chestnuts. Supercharged melodies delivered with a gut feeling for a groove, you’d be pretty hard to please if you didn’t find something hear to your liking. Cool covers of Joan Jett’s ‘Bad Reputation’, the Four Horsemen’s ‘Let it Rock’, the Dolls ‘Puss n’ Boots’ all rock with a capital R, yet a run through of Freddie Fender and his Texas Tornados ‘Adios Mexico’ is pretty much consummate rock ‘n’ roll as far as I’m concerned. Jack Daniels and Coke, dirty sounding low-slung guitars – yep, this is as good as it gets.

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 6: Jan 2001)

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