From the Rockbrat Archives: Trash Brats – Rocket To Heaven / 3rd Generation Nation (Lawless)

R-3751733-1342921765-7233.jpegTotal trash-punk mayhem from one of the best out there – Detroit’s infamous Trash Brats. First off I gotta say that this is the coolest artwork I have seen in a long time, with the lads in caricature guise.( and also the coolest lyrical sex-theme since Sydney’s Candy Harlots released ‘Red Hot Rocket’ back in ’88. ) ‘Rocket To Heaven’ is a sheer classic rock ‘n’ roll song, heavy on the melody, a rock solid chorus and as snotty and trashy as they come. Raucous guitars, punchy vocals, some piano, and you have what is without a doubt the best song the Brats have put out. Plenty of Dolls-isms for the purists, yet this stuff stands on his own merits, and it’s FUN. Cross the Dead Boys with Kiss maybe and you are on the money.This should be massive. In an equitable world, teenage girls would be pinnin’ up Brats posters on their bedroom walls and guys would be playing air-guitar to ‘Rocket To Heaven’. It’s just that good ! Yet Matchbox 20 and the Foo Fighters are today’s rock ‘n’ roll stars ? Give me a break already.The flip side is a raunchy run through the old Dead Boys standard ‘3rd Generation Nation’ which again cooks. Buy this one without any risk at all. On the very cool Lawless label.

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 6: Jan 2001)

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