From the Rockbrat Archives: Kevin K Interview (1999)

kk99(1) Let’s talk about the new album. When is it due out  & what’s it called ? It’s due out in March, 2000 on Freddy Lynxx’’s Sucksex Records from France. It’s called ‘Midnight Dragon’. The songs are more pop sounding than any of my other records. I’d like to be the new Shaun Cassidy or Rick Springfield of the 2000’s ! You know, nice clean image. (2) For the benefit of European readers, you are about to head over for your first tour there right  ?  In January, Ricky and Toni (Trash Brats) Karl (Road Vultures) and I will be on tour from January 5th to the 25th with Hollywood Teasze, all over Germany. I’d like to meet as many hairy German girls as possible ! (3) And there’s a ‘Live in Japan’ album due soon as well ? Yes, it’s due out in December. It’s 12 live tracks from my Japan ’98 tour, 5 acoustic live tracks from my Japan acoustic ’97 tour, and 2 studio tracks we recorded in Tokyo with the Golden Arms. It’s on Elmer Germack’s new label Elmer Records. (4) What’s in store so far  for 2000 ? (after the Euro tour) In February I’m going back to L.A to record a new single with Texas Terri, then to France in March and back to NYC in April to finish recording my new CD for Vicious Kitten Records. (5) What influences you as a song writer ? I have many influences. I love blues, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Cedell Davis, and country like Martina McBride. Yet I also listen to Iggy, Johnny Thunders and Sinatra. I think I’m a pretty honest song writer. I try to write for the people that never seem to get what they want, ‘cos I’m one of those people ! I also get many song ideas when I’m on the golf course. (6) Can you name a favourite Australian band ? Rick Springfield, who I just saw play at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. He was great ! (7) Bon Scott or Brian Johnson ? Definitely Bon Scott ! Good singer, good drinker. Brian Johnson is ok, but you just can’t touch the vocal on ‘Highway To Hell’. (8) A message for 2000 for all the Kevin K fans out there ? I guess we just gotta keep walking in this modern world. I was just telling Texas Terri how much I hate technology. I’m gonna get a rotary telephone and a black & white TV !  Hopefully I’ll grow old together with my fans and friends.

(Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 3: Dec 1999)

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