Rockbrat Wonders: Where Is The Next Generation Of Australian Rock Fans ?

Halcyon days for rock: Sydney, 1979

I was reading a recent communiqué by Dennis Val, guitar player with one of Sydney’s better rock bands, Love Child, in which he was talking about the lack of Australian artists on radio, and how hard it is to get original Australian guitar rock heard on the airwaves nowadays. It got me thinking not just about that issue, but about the state of the music industry in general – and I’ve come to the conclusion that there needs to be a significant shift, otherwise there exists the very real possibility that there could be no ‘next’ generation of rock fans in this country, and ours could be the last. There was an article in the Daily Review last year that identified the decline of live music in Australia as an art form, and its also a valid read.

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4 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Where Is The Next Generation Of Australian Rock Fans ?

    1. Your lament is valid but I think fails also to recognise the really broad range of music released now days. Its possible rock has become secondary to other forms of instead of the No 1 goto genre it used to be. Personally Im not a fan of some of the stuff mis-labelled as music nowdays and would really hate to see the demise of rock, however the reality is if you have far more supply than demand then perhaps musicians need to have a look at the various other sounds doing business out there. Rock tends to become a bit of an obsession with some musos and its far from the only thing going. Theres still plenty of room for guitarists/bass/drums on many other genres

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