Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy Holiday to all Rockbrat Readers from the Gray Brothers

Tuxpi photo editor: https://www.tuxpi.comOn behalf of Mr. Rockbrat, I would like to wish all Rockbrat Readers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018! Happy Holidays to all our readers in North America. Statistics indicate that there are still thousands of people out there who enjoy reading the plethora of articles, opinion and blogs on the Rockbrat site –  with new readers continuing to discover (and re-discover) many of the old articles. A well written word does not date – and still has relevance to certain people as time ticks by. We received a lot of positive feedback for Dan Baird album reviews and live reviews we penned in March/April this year – and writing liner notes for the CD reissue of Ted Mulry Gang’s “Live” album was also another personal highlight. Astute readers would have noticed that as well as penning a bunch of articles/ reviews etc this year – much of our time and energy has been devoted to the Australian Rock Show podcast, which, come next month – will be 3 years old.

Like many of the other musical projects The Gray Brothers have been involved in, the Australian Rock Show is a labour of love. We are not journalists – we are rock fans, like you, who are devoted to pushing and preserving Oz rock – the best rock n roll in the world. Personally, I would like to extend a big thanks to my brother Denis (Mr Rockbrat) who has, by and large, carried the show on his shoulders this year. I have not had as much time to dedicate to the show as I intended, but I have some good interviews planned for next year, so stay tuned. The calibre of the interviews Denis has conducted this year (not to mention the professional production) have greatly increased the profile of The Australian Rock Show – with new followers discovering the show every day. You can help us out by promoting the show – continuing to get the word out – like us on Facebook if you haven’t already, tell your friends about it, sharing it on Facebook, leave us a review on Itunes. Pick up a limited edition Australian Rock Show T Shirt – every little bit helps us out.

Some of the interviews on the Australian Rock Show this year have included Mick Blood (The Lime Spiders), AC/DC book authors Jesse Fink and Jeff Apter, Johnny Kannis of the Hitmen, Rick Brewster of The Angels, Dave Tice (Buffalo), Juliette Valduriez, Larry Attard (Snake/ Acca Dacca), Bruce Kulick (KISS), Dan Baird, Clifford Hoad (Kings Of the Sun) plus tribute shows to the great Malcolm and George Young. The impact that they made to Australian rock n roll and Australia’s cultural identity cannot be understated. Again, all episodes of the show are available for FREE download or streaming via ITunes, Sticher and Tunein Radio. If you haven’t checked out the archives – feel free to delve into the back catalogue and listen to Interviews with Chris Bonacci (Girlschool), John Brewster (The Angels) Dave Evans (AC/DC / Rabbit), Craig Csongrady (Boss/BB Steal), TASTE (both Ken Murdoch and Michael Tortoni), Andy Cichon (Judge Mercy/Billy Joel/Shania Twain), Paul Woseen (Screaming Jets),  Boris Sujdovic (The Scientists/Beasts of Bourbon/Dubrovniks), Todd Hunter (Dragon), Jeff Hoad (Kings Of The Sun), Phil Foxman (Supernaut), Mitch Grainger, TMG Roadie Ronald Clayton, Lime Spiders, Tough Luxury, Legs Electric, Australian rock journalists Stuart Coupe (author of Gudinski) Murray Englehardt (author of AC/DC Maximum Rock n Roll),Melbourne all girl rockers She-Wolf, Ray Arnott, Sherry Rich, Anne McCue, The Shivers, Brian Giffin (author of Australian Heavy Metal encyclopedia), Christina Crofts, Steve Mulry of Black Label, Tyrone Coates (The Bombers), Sandi Novak (Rum Babas), Rose Carleo and Leeno Dee (Candy Harlots / Melody Black) to name but a few. If you are yet to check out the Australian Rock Show – head over there now at Please email us and say hello, (as we love your feedback on either the Australian Rock Show or Rockbrat blog.

In spite of all the doom and gloom that exists in the world, (anything from cowardly Islamic terrorists to global warming and climate change), always remember that listening to a great rock song is often the tonic you need – and rock n roll has the power to unite. A rockin’ Christmas to all from The Gray Brothers. Over to you Malcom…….Godspeed.



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