What’s the Rockbrat Listening To Today? DIRTY RHYTM – Hard As A Rock (1992)

dirtyrhythmbandIn 1992 and even into 1993 – some bands just failed to recognise that the good ship hair metal had sailed, the gate had closed, and Kurt, Eddie and others had killed off the bloated hair metal excess that had reached its peak in 1991 with Guns n Roses’ overblown and over indulgent “Use Your Illusion” extravaganza. Like kids hanging on to the previous years out-of-fashion toys, there were a ton of bands in this period who still assumed that by donning the Cowboy boots, skintight jeans, flowing locks and open shirt – and singing about chicks and their dicks – guaranteed their ride to rock stardom. Bewilderingly, major labels were still throwing cash at these bands and rolling a thousand to one shot that one could still be the next G ‘n’ R. Snake eyes only.

These second or third wave bands including such names as Bangalore Choir, Casablanca, McQueen Street, Roxy Blue, Heavens Edge and the subject of today’s post – Dirty Rhythm. Dirty Rhythm hailed from Portland, Oregon and released their debut album, ‘Hard As A Rock’ in 1992. 26 years after its release, I’m sure plenty of people who look to be offended will find the album cover offensive. A well endowed blonde in denim shorts. In 2018, the rainbow types will tell you that this image objectifies women – yet in the age of 80’s big hair rock n roll – it was more about exalting the virtues of attractive women – note the distinction?

Having said that – the song is derivative and lacking originality. It has a guitar that squeals and an annoying widdly widdly solo – and he’s singing about his dick. Yawn. Check the lyrics. “I bet you give good loving, I bet you give good” ….and “Roll me over baby”, Hard as a rock, give it everything you got”. Dylan eat your heart out. Let me sink you with my pink torpedo.

There were bands like this on every street corner, plying an insipid flavorless style of hard rock, and reading off a blue print that had been copied dozens of time before hand. Sorry dudes.

I read somewhere that the album stiffed (ahem) due to zero promotion, and “had the label actually invested time and energy into this band they would have been as big as Slaughter or Fire House.” The big ones! I think Bullet Boys also had a song called ‘Hard As A Rock’ which was better, marginally.


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