Live Review: Dave Evans – Redcliffe Leagues Club 26 January 2018

Dave Evans: the real rock n roll deal

There is a lot to like about Dave Evans’ brand of rock n roll. It’s loud, it’s fiery and it’s in-your-face. And when Evans is on form – like this evening, there’s no other place I’d rather be. As their original frontman, Dave Evans will forever be tied to AC/DC. Yet if it was nostalgia which you’d come for tonight, you were in the wrong venue. Because what is in fact dealt out, is a set list bursting with vital, tough sounding rock n roll – laced with energy and raw power.  

Tonight, Evans is backed by local Brisbane outfit Dirty Dice and they’re a great fit. This act are tight, polished and are a band you need to make a note of – it’s just the kinda stuff we dig. They hit the stage with a one-two punch of ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’, and then a raunchy ‘Rockin In the Parlour’. 1974 never sounded so damn good ! A re-worked ‘Sunset Strip’ – taken from last year’s ‘Wild’ EP cooks – and is followed by a kick arse take of ‘Rock n Roll Singer’. Yeah, you’ll find it on AC/DC’s ‘High Voltage’, however the tune dates back to the band’s earliest days with Dave out front. Tonight Evans indeed has the devil in his blood and sounds amazing. It’s an important point worth noting that after all this time, his powerhouse vocals are as strong as ever. He’s always had a strong vocal range and it can be felt tonight from only a few metres away. Amazing.

The ‘Sinner’ album is widely regarded as one his strongest releases and it’s a delight to hear some of that material cop an airing….’Rock n Roll Or Bust’, ‘Take Me Down Again’ and ‘Turn It Up’ sound loud and fresh but it’s ‘Sold My Soul To Rock n Roll’ which brings the house down. Could be my choice cut of the night. Evans is giving his all tonight and you’d better believe he means every lyric in that song. Guitarist Aaron has himself been playing for three decades and it shows, he has a great guitar tone and adds much muscle to the Evans catalogue. ‘Go Wild’, from the aforementioned 2017 EP ‘Wild’ is a great example of this. I had my fingers crossed for a take of ‘Revenge’ – the killer title track from an album Dave cut with John Nitzinger, but it wasn’t to be. Instead, Dave Evans and Dirty Dice close out a smoking set with a four-pronged AC/DC assault comprising TNT, Highway To Hell, a crunching Let There Be Rock and Whole Lotta Rosie.

The ringing ears will subside, as will the heat of this sweaty summer show. But tonight’s set is one which will live on in my rock n roll memory. I’ve long been of the belief that Dave Evans is the real rock n roll deal and it’s always satisfying to have that confirmed in the live environment. 10/10

Hear our 2015 i/v with Dave here

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