What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today? DEAD END 5 – Liekinheitin (1976)

denim5When you cast the magnifying class on 70s punk – the focus tends to be placed on the UK and the US.  Today I wanna hip you to a band from Turku, Finland who released one of THE long lost punk/hard rock albums of the mid 70s. This long lest gem sat long forgotten – certainly for those outside of Finland, yet it was given a re release on CD in 2014. If you dig Cream, ZZ Top, Mountain, Joplin,  Blue Cheer or the Ramones – Dead End 5 may be for you. The album opens with a blitzing cover of BOC’s ‘ME262’, and KISS’ – Let Me Go Rock N Roll’. The singer,  Annika Salminen went onto a successful solo career in Finland, and released a couple of solo albums under the name of Annika Andersson. The video below of a tune from the album, ‘Liekinheitin’ is a great example of the Dead End 5 sound. The album is recommended. And you thought Hanoi Rocks were the only hard rock band to come out of Finland ?

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