What’s The Rockbrat Been Listening To Today? Johnny Thunders Memorial Radio Show Tribute – by Cathie Boroch (1991)

With the release of the Johnny Thunders movie ‘Looking For Johnny’ in 2014, most pundits agree that the quintessential bio on the man and his music has now been released.  Danny Garcia’s film was certainly comprehensive, and along with Letch Kowalski’s somewhat inconsistent film from 1999, ‘Born To Lose – the Last Rock ‘n’ Roll Movie’ – the Johnny Thunders story has now, pretty much all been said. I do however, want to alert you to a couple of radio tributes that aired in the months following Thunders’ death. The first was a BBC 1 Radio Tribute called ‘The Life and Times of Johnny Thunders’,  a half hour special that chronicled his life , and featured some cool interviews and Vic Goddard of the Subway Sect’s superb tribute song. The second tribute is a radio show put together by Cathie Boroch that has not been available since its initial broadcast back in late 91 – and as such has been out of circulation for 25 odd years. This 65 minute radio show was transmitted shortly after his death on NYC radio, and as mentioned was put together by Cathie Boroch, a friend of Johnny’s. What makes it unique is that it includes many of Johnny’s friends sharing their own memories, and also introducing their favourite songs of his. Including Eliot Kidd (The Demons), Leee Black Childers, Arthur Kane, Tony Coiro, Walter Lure, Alison Gordy, Vito and Dino Genzale, Bob Gruen, Cathy Boroch and Dino Orlando. A big thanks to Matthias for bringing this audio archival piece to our attention. Both it and the aforementioned BBC 1 Tribute show are below for you to check out.

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