From The Archives: Chris ‘Smiley’ Pailthorpe (Hush) Interview (1995)

Australian Rock Review

SmileyJust over twenty years ago, Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain were sucking the ends of pencils at junior high schools somewhere in Seattle. The word ‘grunge’ had yet to be invented and America was rocking to the sounds of Kiss, Alice Cooper and Suzi Quatro, whilst England was being shaken by the likes of T-Rex, The Sweet and Slade. Much the same time in Australia, an energetic young Sydney band called Hush were churning out hit singles, and undertaking exhaustive nationwide tours. By far their two biggest selling hits were ‘Boney Moroney’ and ‘Glad All Over’, with ‘Boney Moroney’ shooting to number one and eventually becoming the biggest selling single for 1975.At their peak, they rivalled the likes of Sherbet and Skyhooks as kings of Australian pop. Hush consisted of Keith Lamb (vocals), Les Gock (guitar), Rick Lum (bass) and pounding the skins was Chris ‘Smiley’ Pailthorpe. Chris grew up…

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