Melbourne’s Dirty Rascal release their debut album ‘You Be The King’

DirtyRascal_Hero(source info via Catalyst PR) Rock collective, Dirty Rascal release their highly anticipated debut album ‘You Be The King’ on August 3.

The albums’ first single, ‘Be A Lion’ will be released same day and go straight to
radio! This track was written by Simon McSweeney about his love for his sons and is
playful, a bit cheeky and has a humble, selfless message.

“‘Be A Lion’ is about living life to the fullest and encouraging others to do the same.
The sentiment of the song reflects the philosophy of the band that success can be
achieved by working without ego to a common vision”. – Jerry Speiser
Dirty Rascal hail from Melbourne and came together back in 2017 around ‘You Be
The King’, the brainchild of Andrew McSweeney exploring his songwriting and
producing sensibilities. Andrew wrote all the tracks for the album with the
exception of ‘Rolling Thunder’ written by Peter McGeehan, ‘What Would Love Do’
co-written with Jerry Speiser and the single ‘Be A Lion’ written by Simon McSweeney.
‘You Be The King’ has overtones of country rock, folk and blues. Produced by Jerry
Speiser and recorded under the skilled ear of Callum ‘The Calibrator’ Barker, at Newmarket studios in Melbourne, the songs began to shine. A powerhouse engine-
room, overlaid with double guitars and lush vocal harmonies all combine seamlessly to carry these memorable melodies. Infectious hooks, tireless grooves bring the
vulnerability of real and relatable stories from pen to the heart to life.

“Recording the album ‘You Be The King’ was a challenging and transforming
experience. I was challenged as a songwriter and a singer and, through the
process, gained a greater vision of who we are and what we can do as band.” – Andrew McSweeney

The formation of Dirty Rascal represents positive messages and a rockin’ good times
for audiences at their live shows. Their clear connection with an audience is a
tribute to the level of experience and expertise in the band.

Dirty Rascal offer something fresh and bright to Australian music, galvanising
audiences with their songs and their sound. The stellar lineup includes Andrew
McSweeney (Midnight Hunting Crew) & John Fleming (Scared Weird Little Guys/ARIA award winner), along with rhythm section, Jerry Speiser (Men at Work)
and Andy Dixon (New Geisha) rounding out the crew.


Sat 21 July – Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo, VIC,

Fri 27 July – Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS

Sat 28 July – Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston, TAS

Sun 29 July – Bush Inn, Deloraine, TAS

Sat 4 August – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC

Thu 23 August – Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville. NSW

Thu 6 September – Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, SA

Fri 7 September – The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC



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