The Lockhearts call it quits

Sydney outfit The Lockhearts – who released their debut record ‘Americana Doom Fuzz’ in April, announced today they are disbanding.

A message on the band’s Facebook page posted earlier today states:

“It’s not been an easy decision but we are calling it a day. This has been a big part of each of our lives for a long time, every member past and present has invested more than their fair share, and we’re forever grateful for anyone who has given a damn about the music we’ve made. Our album Americana Doom Fuzz (and earlier EPs) would have never been possible without the painstaking efforts of Samantha Jay, Jon Boy Rock and Mo Mayhem.

It takes a village to raise a child so to our village, we thank you, you know who you are. If you don’t – The full list of thank you’s can be found in the liner notes of Americana Doom Fuzz (via Golden Robot Records)”

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