Dave Evans set to rock Romania’s Stonebird Festival !


Dave Evans’ run of dates through Eastern Europe continues, with the original AC/DC frontman set to rock Romania’s Stonebird Festival on the 10th August !

Evans was interviewed by local media outlet Proarges News, and expressed his excitement at performing on the three day festival. “I went to the site of the Stonebird Festival and I was so excited. I don’t normally get excited before shows, I get very zoned in (with) what I’m doing but before this one I am excited, because I love the location, it is really something special”.

Reflecting on the musical influences of AC/DC earliest days, Evans recalls “when we started we had fairly similar musical tastes, myself, Malcolm Young, Angus Young and we really loved Chuck Berry – 12 bar rock n roll. We really loved an English band called Free and the Rolling Stones. So if you put the Rolling Stones and Free and Chuck Berry together, you’ve got AC/DC right there”

After the Eastern European dates, Dave Evans commences a tour of Brazil throughout the months of October and November.

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