Molly and the Krells: Rejected

Just got ahold of the new single titled ‘Rejected’ from Sydney outfit Molly and the Krells and it’s a cracker. Ten seconds in, no make that 5 – and I was hooked and it’s a fair bet you will be too.

A short drum intro is followed by a pause – and bam! the pedal gets slammed and we’re roaring along the rock n roll highway. It’s short and sharp, it’s as catchy as all hell and it is just the kinda stuff we dig.  Formed two years back, Molly and The Krells are starting to turn heads and it’s easy to hear why.

I’d read solid reviews of their debut EP ‘Relationshit’ and was keen to hear more. I ain’t disappointed and for me, it’s the chorus and stinging guitars which knocked me out. If ‘Rejected’ was the defining moment from Molly and the Krells they could be well chuffed, me thinks, however, (if this tune is any indication) – it’s onwards and upwards.

Get it on: Bandcamp

or buy it on iTunes

Contact em here

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