Vile Assembly – Fattened By the Horrors of War (Album Review)

Quite by chance, I recently stumbled across UK outfit Vile Assembly and I’m sure glad I did.

Fresh from some support slots with The Damned – this Liverpool based post-punk unit are picking up tons of positive press and it’s easy to hear why: the songs are solid, well written and importantly for me – thought provoking.

Vile Assembly drag the dirty rug of society out from under our feet – exposing the reality of 2018. The album touches on corruption in politics, war, homelessness and more – woven into the fabric of some well-constructed tunage.

Their bio states ‘The Vile Assembly were created solely to be the whistle-blowers on unjust society; their purpose to say what needs to be said through the universally understood medium of music’. On ‘Fattened By the Horrors of War’ – they achieve this and then some.

By way of an album introduction – the driving track ‘Suicide Feast’ – along with its hard hitting video is as good as any. It’s more than likely that the chorus and accompanying clip will remain in your brain and on your mind for some time. It did for me.

Friends Paul Mason, Mark Webb and Mark Wainwright make up Vile Assembly – the trio once owning a music studio in Liverpool for two-decades – before making the decision in a New York café, to start a band of their own – one that could rock the system by highlighting many of the issues confronting modern day society.

Favourite track on the album for me is ‘Last Century Man’ – it’s top heavy on the bass, with some snarling Johnny Rotten-fuelled vocals from singer Paul Mason and it’s the one tune I keep going back to. More please. With its heavy chord changes and impressive guitar solo – ‘Propaganda’ is instantly likeable and sounds a lot like P.I.L – and that gets the big thumbs up from me.

It’s 2018 and many of the angry 70’s punk outfits are a memory – the messages of songs demanding change now lost on most who purchase their logo-emblazoned t-shirts off the racks at Walmart.  However those messages and the demand for change remain as strong as ever. Vile Assembly are a band that pen powerful songs about important social issues – and one that are worthy of your time and attention.

They are about to commence another run of UK dates and will hopefully make it down under some time in the future.

Visit their home page here

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