YSKA & Guy Burns release dazzling new single ‘Falls’

YSKAYSKA (pronounced “Yis-ka”) is the solo moniker of Bulgarian-born, Australian-raised Ivana Kay. The expansive and cinematic ‘Falls’ is her stunning new collaboration with Guy Burns. A rapidly rising producer with a great ear for texture, Burns’ previous tracks ‘Two’ and ‘No Rush’ have received hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams.

Over many months and in many places (including Berlin, Belfast and Rome), demos of ‘Falls’ flowed back and forth, until a final version emerged. In keeping with its strange and delayed creation, the song focuses on the ebb and flow of life. Its hypnotic, circular structure is carried by immediate pop melodies, low-end punch, sparkling finger-picked acoustics and washed-out synths. 

The track is the follow up to ‘Mother’, which received numerous plays and a very warm reception at triple j.

Falls’ is out now worldwide through Double Drummer/AWAL.

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