Temtris release first single from forthcoming album Rapture. Touring Australia October 2018

676a85_16f3d275b3444b3ca89976fb0a620d9d~mv2.jpgIn May, Sydney metal band Temtris released their powerful single “Run” from the 5th studio album ‘Rapture’ which is due for release on the 1st October 2018. Temtris has yet again pushed themselves to reach new height’s with ‘Run’. A big song with twin guitar solo’s, speed thrashing double kicks, powerful Bass and soaring vocals.. The theme is about running together with the metal pack and Temtris cannot wait to have the metal crowd up front singing along with their horns raised in the air. Temtris has released the single on a limited 7 inch vinyl press with the B side having the song “Paradise Road” from the first sold out Temtris album, ‘Threshold’.

The band will be out and about touring Australia in October to support ‘Rapture’ so make sure you get out and support one of Australia’s premier metal acts. For more information and dates, head to http://www.temtris.com.  Check out the video for ‘Run’ below, and well as the video for ‘Enter The Asylum’ from a couple of years ago.


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