Rose Carleo Band – new single ‘Faded Tattoo’ out October 19 !

We at the Australian Rock Show are big supporters of the Rose Carleo Band. Their ‘Battle Scars’ EP gets high rotation round these parts and kicks major arse.

Rose Carleo Band’s EP ‘Battle Scars’ shot straight to the Top 20 charts and described as, “The best rock and roll release of the year thus far, bar none. That they aren’t backed by a serious record label and touring the world is a shameful indictment of the Australian music industry.” – 100% Rock

Now, Rose Carleo Band release their 2nd single from the EP, ‘Faded Tattoo’, on October 19.

“This track smacks me right in the chest! The dedication to the late greats Pete Wells and Mick Cocks will tug at the heart strings of any Aussie rock aficionado, but is a solid performer in its own right.” – Silver Tiger Media

‘Faded Tattoo’, showcases the member’s true blues-rock leanings. The tone, the groove and the emotion of ‘Faded Tattoo’ perfectly captures the essence and undying bond of mateship. The song carefully carries the underlying theme of the passing of a very dear friend while simultaneously balancing the melancholy with uplifting reminiscing of the glory days of the past. The ‘Faded Tattoo’ is the constant reminder of those times.

Rose Carleo Band are

Rose Carleo (Vocals/Guitar),

Mick Adkins (Guitar, Backing Vocals),

Steve King (Bass, Backing Vocals)

Mick O’Shea (Drums, Backing Vocals).


Sat 20th Oct – Republic Bar, North Hobart, Tasmania

Sun 21st Oct – Longley International Hotel, Longley, Tasmania

Sat 27th Oct – The Big Hawkesbury Blues Weekend – Hawkesbury Hotel, Windsor NSW

Fri 21st Dec – Bridge Hotel, Rozelle NSW

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