Broderick Smith – Man Out of Time – new album and memoir out now

collectors1After decades on the Australian music stage Broderick Smith has a long list of credits to his name most notably as chief dog for Australian legends, “The Dingoes”.  He is considered to be a legend by his legion of fans, a consummate performer by many of his contemporaries and an elder statesman by the new guard of fellow musicians. In 2018, Broderick released his brand new album ‘Man Out Of Time’ released simultaneously with his very first book. A study in vivid storytelling and mature restraint, Man Out of Time arrives 10 years since Brod’s last solo album, Unknown Country, and eight since Tracks, his brief return to his legendary ‘70s band, the Dingoes.

It’s fair to say that much has changed, not least in the spellbinding tone that can only come with the patience of a seasoned master craftsman. And after all these years, there is still nobody to compare with Broderick Smith. His memoir makes for interesting reading. As Smith Says, “I was looking for Clancy of the Overflow when I came out here,” the UK-born dreamer turned Australian rock pioneer says. Growing up in Hertfordshire, he conflated the Wild West of his cousins’ Buffalo Bill annuals with the wild bush country his father had his sights on. “I watched the movie Smiley and I thought ‘Oh, great, when I get to Australia I get a horse and a gun’. My brother got the gun,” he says with a lingering note of injustice. “I still love westerns to this day. I’m quite happy sitting watching two tiny little figures on horses in this beautiful big landscape. I’d rather look at that than some art installation in Melbourne.”

The love of bushland, open sky and the unpretentious people who live in between is central to the ex-Dingoes frontman’s 10th solo record.

His book has been a long time coming, he says, after “a dark, Gothic, pretentious” false start under the influence of Cormack McCarthy. “I put it aside for about 20 years and that was the best thing because when I went back I calmed down and wrote a friendlier book,” he says.

“Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll — there’s hardly any of that stuff. I wrote it more as a social history because I realised my story was not that different to a lot of other people’s. Born in another country, migrated here on a ship, went to a tough, working-class area, got drafted, you know…

Broderick Smith’s Man Out of Time, the album and the book, are out now.

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