Kevin K – and the CBGB Years CD – (Circumstantial Records)

91WPOMUljWL._SL1500_The sun may be setting on 2018, but there’s still time to sneak in a couple of reviews of new titles for Kevin K, records that were issued in recent months and are worthy of your attention. The year started out with me listening to Kevin K – and ending with Kevin K – so let’s go back to the start of the year and put the magnifying glass over Kevin K – The CBGB Years, which came out on Circumstantial Records. What this is a killer collection of 18 live recordings from Kevin K’s various bands all captured live at CBGB’s from 1984 through to 1997. This includes the New Toys, the Lone Cowboys and The Road Vultures through to the Kevin K Band. Lots of cool tunes on this live album with diverse appeal for the listener, reflecting the various styles of each band. For me, it’s really cool to hear the live recordings by Lone Cowboys in particular, who in many ways, with their hybrid look and sound that combined equal parts punk and new wave –were not dissimilar from bands such as Lords of The New Church, or even Flesh For Lulu, or maybe Gene Loves Jezebel. Check out their albums from the mid 80s ‘Streets Of Poison’ and ‘Voodoo Dolls and Cadillac Fins’ and you won’t be disappointed. Absolutely love the live versions of ‘Nothin From Nothin’ and also, ‘Three inches’ Tall, a super catchy melodic pop gem from the pen of the late great Alan K. A demo of this was released on the Kevin K Band’s 1997 album ‘Rule The Heart. It’s also cool to hear Alan K singing lead vocals on a live version of ‘Starin Up’, as most of us are familiar with the version that has Kevin’s vocal and appeared on the ‘Rule The Heart’ album.  Lots of killer Road Vultures tunes too including the punk anthem ‘Fire It Up’, as well as ‘She’ and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Bar’.  Some choice covers too for the punk purists including Richard Hell’s ‘Love Comes In Spurts’ and the Coop’s ‘Raped and Freezin’.  18 tracks in all and well recommended. So take a trip back through the time tunnel to the smell, the feel and the sounds of the Bowery with Kevin K – The CBGB years – out now on Circumstantial Records. Buy here


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