Kevin K – Dry Drunk 7” Review (Red Hawk Records) 2018

932934ee7bf62b022f82014a529fe54fNot many kids can claim to have their own record label – yet eight year old Charles Ziarnik can. Significantly, Florida’s Red Hawk Records also has the principled MO of releasing records only by Tampa Bay artists. The first release on Red Hawk is by US punk great Kevin K and his Florida based band The Krazy Kats, so young Charles clearly recognises quality and punk pedigree when he hears it. It’s a killer single too with both tunes kicking major ass.

With its choppy riff and lower east side spirit, ‘Dry Drunk’ is invokes the spirit of Johnny Thunders on a nifty garage punk single that is super melodic and totally recommended – and not just for ex- alcoholics. Just say no! No to 12 steps, just 1,2,3, 4 as Dee Dee used to count em ‘in. Praise the lord no one’s on the wagon! The A side is a winner. The flip side is another pop punk classic from a guy who has written hundreds of em. Short, sharp and to the point, it’s a singalong tune like all good pop should be, with a catchy chorus and hit single written all over it. Dry Drunk and Box Lunch – both great tunes and only available on this single. On this record, Kevin is backed by the Krazy Kats, minus Duane Rollick. They be Ronnie Dintaman (Ex-Descending Fate, Shitcan Dirtbag) on rock solid bass and Paul Mallett (of St. Petersburg’s excellent pop punk outfit Seafang) on drums. 9 out of 10 from me and two thumbs up from the Fonz! Get it!




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