Happy New Year from The Gray Brothers – 2018 in review

We would like to thank all of the Australian Rock Show podcast (listeners) and Australian Rock Review (readers) for your support over the past year.

Who were our rock n roll standouts for 2018? Read on and find out…..

A reminder that the whole aim of the podcast is composed of many things: spreading the word of cool rock n roll – stuff we really dig is paramount. Highlighting the careers of folks we’ve long admired – guys and gals who need to have their stories put down is also important. We also nab interviews which come our way which are always a ton of fun.

Scott Ginn, Steven Adler, Linda McDonald, Phil Lewis, Herman Kovac, Jess Finlayson, Dave Sabo, Mick O’Shea, Dave Gleeson, Mark Evans, Deniz Tek, Mick Medew and Dave Evans : just some of the guests we had on the show this year. Rest assured, many more of the artists who remain on our list will be interviewed in the coming year. For us, getting those stories down is important.

What about new releases from 2018 ?!

Here is a list of some of the amazing rock n roll which came across our radar – all of it, highly recommended. Go buy em !

Rose Carleo Band: Battle Scars

Floored me upon first listen. This outfit should be massive. The title track and ‘Into The Fray’ are standouts on a white hot EP.

Poor Little Things: Self Titled EP

Man this is good and super infectious. ‘Rock n Roller’ and ‘Break Another Heart’ will remain forever on my iPod. One of the highlights of the year.

Deniz Tek: Lost For Words

Recorded with the same band that recorded Tek’s highly acclaimed albums, ‘Mean Old Twister’ and ‘Detroit’, ‘Lost For Words’ features ten guitar led instrumentals – music for imagined films – be they Action, Western, Surf and Spy. One of Deniz’s best.

Rick Parfitt: Over And Out

Wonderful posthumous release from one of our heroes. ‘Lonesome Road’ is the best song Quo never recorded. Loud, heads down, early 70’s boogie, this tune is a lasting reminder of Parfitt’s ability.

Hitmen DTK: Hitmen Kill Elvis

Zeus, The Kid and Co. continue to power forward and stamp their distinct sound all over some of Presley’s best. On show #94 we were the first in the world to air the new Hitmen DTK track ‘Get Up’. They have a big year ahead.

Kevin K and The Krazy Kats: In Too Much Too Sun

This is one solid outing of melodic power pop/punk infused with equal parts NYC grime and glam. Essential.

Molly and The Krells: Rejected

Short, sharp, catchy as all hell punk tunage from outta Sydney. More please.

Juliette Jade: Constellation

Constellation is a compelling 9 song gathering which shines the light on an exceptional artist who seems to get better and better with the passing of time.

Dan Baird and Homemade Sin – Screamer

It is albums like this which separate Dan Baird and Homemade Sin from the rest of the field. The real deal with plenty of rock n roll muscle. Brother Col’s album of the year.

Screaming Jets: Gotcha Covered

The Jets blaze away at some select Aussie classics and come up trumps. The surprises for me on this album were the interpretations of Birdman’s Aloha Steve and Danno, Walls by Flowers, Men At Work’s Overkill and This Time by INXS.

Bitzer: Pedigree Mongrel

One of the releases of the year from a gathering of Oz rock royalty. Check out our video review here

Stars – Boundary Rider

If you want to hip a musically unsophisticated younger person to what real country rock ‘n’ roll is – or an older fan that needs a rock ‘n’ roll rejuvenation – give ‘em the gift of STARS. Incredible.

Joe Blanton: Good, Bad Right or Wrong

Smoking hot rock n roll that hits the mark – this cat oozes rock ‘n’ roll legitimacy and needs to be on your rock radar.

Marc Welsh: Superior Firepower

One of the surprises of the year from the Welshman. With ‘Superior Firepower’ Welsh reminds you that rock ‘n’ roll was meant to be fun.


What podcasts do we listen to? In our world, we never miss You Dont Know Mojack and White Line Fever. You Don’t Know Mojack is an amazing podcast exploring each release on SST Records, in order, from start to finish. Have learnt a lot from these guys, and fjnd it fascinating. White Line Fever is ran by Steve Mascord and his resume speaks for itself. Lots of great interviews and cool tunage. Dig it. All Australian Music Stories is a recent one which we got turned onto. Some good interviews so show your suppot by checking it out.

Happy New Year rockers !

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