Ozzy Osbourne cancels Download in Australia with Airbourne to fill his place

Ozzy Osbourne has cancelled his upcoming visit to Australia to headline the Download Festival. The Osbourne show was was meant to be part of his final world tour but a few weeks again he came down with a severe upper respiratory infection had had to cancel European dates. Ozzy came close to death last year when he was admitted to hospital with a staph infection. “Ozzy recently developed pneumonia and has spent some time in hospital. Thankfully he is now through the worst part, his doctors have advised that he stay at home to recuperate for a full six weeks with no travel,” says Sharon Osbourne. Ozzy has insisted that the Farewell tour was not a retirement tour. “People have gotten that all wrong,” he told the Pasadena Star-News. “The tour should have been the Ozzy Osbourne ‘Slowing Down Tour’. What I’m actually doing is not going out on January 1 and coming back on December 31. I’ll still tour, but not as extensively like I have been for the last 50 years.” Slayer will now headline the tour. Airbourne have to added to replace the vacant slot.

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