Album Review: Steve Mulry – Rock Rebel CD

stevemulry15It’s time to re-focus the spotlight on Steve Mulry’s Rock Rebel album as too few people know about it. Rock Rebel was released five years back now, and if you are a fan of Oz rock of The Angels-Rose Tattoo-AC/DC-TMG variety, then Rock Rebel is an album for you and worthy of your attention. The guitars of Dai Pritchard (Rose Tattoo) and Mark Konemann are underlined by thunderous rhythms supplied by Ian Lees on bass (Moving Pictures) and drummer Rudy Miranda (Dave Hole, The McClymonts). Put simply, this is unfiltered Australian rock at its best. Vocalist Steve Mulry has a strong, solid and powerful voice and belts it out in no uncertain terms. From top to bottom, the 11 tunes on Rock Rebel are all killer. The album opens with the heavy duty ‘Wanna Be With You’, a tune that could neatly sit on any of the Tatts’ early albums, whilst ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here To Stay’ is an anthemic call to arms highlighted by a gutsy riff and catchy chorus. Crank the volume as you hit the highway, for ‘Travellin Band’ is the road-song you’ve been looking for. ‘My Life My Tattoo’ sees Mulry take the voice up a notch or two on a fervent southern rock/boogie tune that’s plenty infectious. So too though, is the one-two balls ‘n’ boogie double punch of ‘Hard To Resist’ and ‘Hearts On Fire’ , whilst the catchy up tempo ‘You’re My Girl’ with its singalong chorus would be an obvious choice for single. This is super melodic and probably my favourite track on the album, a song that perfectly showcases Mulry’s searing vocals. With its searing guitars, ‘Lonely Nights’ is another catchy hard rocker with plenty of melody and Lianna Rose Pritchard’s likeable chorus vocals the cream on the cake. Steve Mulry currently fronts the Ted Mulry Gang, yet also has his own outfit, the Steve Mulry Alliance. Yet don’t stop there, dig deep and discover the great rock ‘n’ roll he has created with Black Label (a band he fronted for 10 years), Chris Brockbank’s Phantom Mark IV and Bitzer to name but a few. For now though, head to CD Baby and pick up Rock Rebel for only $10.You won’t be disappointed.

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