img_0198Followers and fans of Brijitte West (she of 90’s punkers the New York Loose) will be interested to know that West is expanding beyond the confines of rock ‘n’ roll and has moved into the world of fashion with the launch of her own fashion label – Pioneer Cross.

In recent years West has been fronting her own UK based outfit the Desperate Hopefuls, who in 2016 released the magnificent pop rock album ‘From NY With Love’. West’s decision to create Pioneer Cross – a responsible, ethical and sustainable label fashion is to be commended.

More needs to be done towards creating a more transparent and accountable fashion industry globally, and any label that supports consumer interest in ethics and sustainability, as well as one that values ethical business practices and importantly, the welfare of garment workers – can only be a good thing.

53406524_10156686590285845_4524489944571314176_o.jpgPioneer Cross is a London based brand that has just released its premier collection “Frontiers”. The collection is inspired by big skies and open plains and celebrates the Native American’s love of the earth’s beauty and spirit. The outerwear collection combines premium quality craftsmanship, classic British tailoring and exquisite fabrics.

This first collection consists of three coats all designed with both men and women in mind. Woven, expertly cut and crafted and manufactured in the unequalled craftsmanship of the British tailoring tradition with exceptional attention to detail. These pieces encapsulate world-class luxury to be treasured for generations to come.

Ethics plays a big part in the Pioneer Cross story and seeks to enable luxury fashion to be a force for good. They support a number of global communities from the Maasai women in Kenya to the yak herders on the plateaus of the Himalayas caring for their herds as they have done for thousands of years.

The sophisticated Dakota Cape is made from 100% premier yak wool and is socially and responsibly sourced from traditional Tibetan yak herders.

girl leading boyThe contemporary oversized Raindance Coat is made from ethically sourced alpaca and merino wool. Both the cape and the coat feature intricate beaded collars created by hand from a small community of Maasai women in Kenya. They are both lined with an illustrated 100% organic silk lining that captures the story of the collection.

The generously cut Cheyenne Trade Blanket Coat is created from ethically sourced vegetable dyed Merino lambs’ wool and features the label’s exclusive intricate jacquard geometric weave. The design takes its inspiration from the hallmark of the early Native American trade blankets. These trade blankets replaced fur as a garment as early as 1670.

Pioneer Cross is a return to heritage, authenticity and inherent value and gives high-end outerwear a new narrative and meaning.

Their collection allows both women and men to wear a statement of power and purpose.

“Frontiers” is available from select boutiques worldwide.

You can find and follow Pioneer Cross online at, or email, and follow on Instagram @pioneercross


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