Kanako Nakayama to release new solo album ‘Rolling Life’ in June 2019

1007891473Kanako Nakayama releases her new solo album ‘Rolling Life’ on Lip Mark Records (Japan) on 18 June 2019. After rising to prominence in the 1980s as part of the celebrated Princess Princess, for the past 15 years of more Nakayama has fronted VooDoo Hawaiians, a band who have continued to release a succession of original and inspired  rock ‘n’ roll albums, including 2015’s ‘Would You Like Comin’ to the Parade’, and ‘Half Play’ from 2017. It’s been 20 years since Nakayama released her last solo album, 1998’s ‘Howling’, so the release of ‘Rolling Life’ has been eagerly anticipated and long overdue. ‘Rolling Life’ includes a range of guests including Sakashita Tomotomo of the Slut Banks on guitar, Norio Sakai on bass, Ouchi “MAD” Takayoshi on drums and Akira Sumida of The Thrill on keyboards. Toshiko Konno of Princess Princess is also on the record. Kanako Nakayama spells rock n roll – pure and simple, so look out for the new album. For more information go to https://diskunion.net/jp/ct/detail/1007891473


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