Adelaide underground rock veteran Tony Grudge passes away

11999689_843182629113174_260104500844625004_o.jpgThe Adelaide rock scene is mourning the loss of respected singer Tony ‘Grudge’ Hayward who passed away today after a battle with cancer. Grudge was a member of many Adelaide outfits including the C Bombs, Grudge, Roadkill 66 and REPO to name a few. As a front man, Tony always gave 100% on stage and readers are encouraged to search out CD’s by any of these bands. In the mid to late 90s, Tony was a big supporter of Vicious Kitten Fanzine and Vicious Kitten Records and his commitment and devotion to his art was second to none. Once, when supporting Radio Birdman in the late 90s, Tony broke his arm on stage, finished the set, and it was then set by Dr Tek. As I said, always 100%.  Godspeed Tony. You will be missed. (REPO appeared on the Vicious Kitten Records compilation ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll War in 2000. Copies of CD’s by REPO and Roadkill 66 are available here)

Repo - 1999 - pic: D.Gray

8 thoughts on “Adelaide underground rock veteran Tony Grudge passes away

  1. It was with great sadness I heard of Tony’s passing today. He was a wonderful kind, eclectic soul, I met through our love of antiques. Only to then find out we shared a passion for music. Mate I owe you $100.00 and never got chance to give it to you. If anyone knows of any funeral arrangements please let me know.

    1. The bastard lied to me! He said he was doing ok and not going anywhere any time soon…..AND was looking forward to going to watch PORT MAGPIES play again soon. Couple weeks ago i said to him “you should have a GRUDGE revival for one last hoorah”. His reply was, ” his voice was a bit too croaky”. … he will be very sadly missed, but never forgotten. my mate since 1984. I still remember our first blue light disco at Kadina…. his first gig in “knackers” backyard on Grange road, long punk rock days at the “Wheaty” and late nights sitting around after gigs at god knows who’s house in Thebarton…. we even wheeled an dealed at his shop “RETRO BAIT” in Auburn over the past few years too. “Rocka Tones” (as i used to call him), will live on in my heart and eardrums forever. A local punkrock legend and allround top mate. I miss you already bro. RIP.

      1. I know mate-I just sent him a final message on Messenger last night-to say goodbye and round out our final conversation where I was over the moon that his Cancer had reduced by 50% -Gave his All-Honest and Caring and Committed Az-Love you Tony

  2. He will be sadly missed. My favourite memory is about a 12 minute version of satans rotunda by repo at the bridgeway. What a frontman. He always gave it 100%.

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