Larry Attard of Acca-Dacca/Snake has a new band ‘Lucid Louie’ and debut single out now!

You only need listen to the intro music on any episode of The Australian Rock Show to know that we are long time fans of the work of Larry Attard. His band Snake were faves of ours in the early to mid-1980s, and there was no better call to arms than ‘Let The Music Begin’. For the past 20 years Larry has carved a career for himself fronting Acca-Dacca, the highly acclaimed, and international AC/DC tribute act. Snake supported AC/DC a couple of times in the mid 70s and Larry was fleetingly considered as a replacement for Bon. Acca-Dacca are held in such high regard that Angus himself once said, “If you can’t see the real thing, the next best thing is Accadacca’. Nuff said. Credentials and dues paid. Larry has a brand new Brisbane based band called Lucid Louie who have been in the studio recently, with the result being their just released first single, ‘Wild Bill’. We think it’s a killer slab of melodic heavy rock highlighted by Larry’s distinctive vocal and an old west theme. What’s not to like! Check ‘em out at On Episode 70 of The Australian Rock Show we got a lot of Larry’s story down on tape. Check out the links below.



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