Single Review: Black Whiskey – Wild & Free (2019)


It’s the opening lick which hooks you in – how can it not ? The song buzzing around my ears is ‘Wild & Free’, and it’s the new single from Brisbane’s Black Whiskey. Songs which start with memorable fretwork like this are instantly likeable and it’s refreshing to hear.  However after three or four plays – it’s the striking chorus which in fact had me on board and it’s a safe bet, you’ll be singing it some hours later.

Clocking in at just under 4 minutes, ‘Wild & Free’ is littered with stinging guitars, raunchy vocals and one hellava infectious chorus. I have previously stated that this unit are a band with much momentum. On ‘Wild & Free’ they’ve delivered the goods on what is – in my opinion – their strongest offering to date. Listen out for the cool breakdown mid-song, with its nice bass run and appealing vocal effect. Then all hell breaks loose via some shit hot lead guitar work  ! This is hard rock tunage of the highest calibre and more folks need to hear this.

The official release date for Wild & Free is 19 August, and you can order Black Whiskey’s smoking new single for only ten bucks via their merch store

In a country where so many punters seem content to spend their time and money  checking out cover/tribute bands, be thankful that loud, authentic rock n roll outfits like Black Whiskey are around.





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