Album Review: Poor Little Things – Disco’s Burning (2019)


Followers of our podcast (and blog) will recall that Poor Little Thingsdebut from last year made our ‘Top Ten’ of 2018. Suffice to say I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of their new album, and damn if it don’t look like history will repeat itself. This is thirty minutes of well-crafted pop/rock tunage that is guaranteed to recharge your rock n roll battery. Another nine songs that are laced with catchy choruses, appealing lead vocals, cool guitars and if you allow me just one reviewer’s cliché ‘more hooks than a tackle shop’.

First song out of the gate is ‘Panic Attack’ – an infectious hard rocker that’ll leave you short of breath, and dizzy with delight. Next up is ‘The Rock n Roll’ – the first single off ‘Disco’s Burning’ and it’s close to my choice cut on the record. This is classic mid 70’s guitar pop with a mid-song break and clap-along chorus and like many of their compositions, you will be singing this one in your sleep. Dave Talon has the uncanny ability to make his guitar sing – yet slash and sting too – and there’s no greater example of these than on this track. Listen out for the keys which really do round out ‘The Rock n Roll’ nicely – shine on Nicky Hopkins. Anyone who has ever been saved by rock n roll can relate to this.

Other notables on ‘Disco’s Burning’ are the rollicking 70’s stomp of ‘Déjà Vu’ and the wonderful title track (Martina Jackson’s neat vocal inflections here are a real treat). You want more ? Another one that’ll win you over is the frenetic and riff-laden ‘Wait’n On The Line’ – which conjures up images of a denim-clad Rick Parfitt playing a V. What’s not to like ?!

In closing – this outfit continue to produce catchy, uplifting rock n roll which more people need to be aware of. Poor Little Things are currently rockin’ my world and I strongly recommend you get on board too. Take a listen to the first single below then go buy the album here


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