From The Archives: Jeff Dahl: Pancake 31 – Album Review (2000)


Well Hi Ho Silver Lining, a robust new album from Jeff Dahl and just in time for Christmas too. For fans accustomed to Dahl’s penchant for glitter punk, you are well and truly catered for. ‘The Sad Ballad of Dagmar Tranquilizer’ had me thinking classic Mott or early Roxy. ‘Last Of The Red Hot Cocksuckers’ is more than just mid-tempo glamorama though. More a lyrical triumph with a humorous delivery that will no doubt go over the heads of most. ‘Narco Voodoo’ is another goodun’ with it’s melodic brattiness, drawing a line back to ’72. ‘X Punk Rocker’ is more mid-tempo tuneage, again with a wry lyrical delivery. ‘Girls I Used” is the quality, minimalist stuff that Dahl creates so well, with plenty of melody, catchy chorus, and a punk overload. Song for the album for mine, though the brooding cool of ‘All The Wrong Reasons’, runs a close second. ‘Pancake 31’ sees Dahl in inspired form. Recommended.

(Review by Col Gray. Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 6: December 2000)

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