From The Archives: Mantaray-K.D. Red Light District – Album Review (2000)


Swedish hybrid HC action. From the word go, the action raw and fast, yet still real tuneful, just fairly non-descript is all. In other words, there’s a zillions and one bands out there churning out this formulae. Set to an ever so original theme of birds ‘n booze, the punk on display is top notch, if the song matter ain’t. ‘Stupid Girl’ (no not the Stones’ number), pummels away as a contender in the bad-ass Nashville Pussy stakes (yawn), before the frantic HC action of women’s lib favourite ‘Miss Striptease’ comes roaring at you all double-barreled and double bass drum kicking fury. Just when I was ready to make myself another ashtray, the wonderful mid-tempo old school tones of ‘High Times’ quickly restore my faith in this lot. ‘Saturday Night’ with it’s heavier use of snot, leather n’ melody scored ’em further points. ‘Nightmare’ however, with it’s doom laden guttural growls, had me convinced it was a different band altogether. Overall, there’s a lot of promise here, and live, I bet some of these tunes kick, yet ‘Red Light District’ is a fair effort. More misses than hits.

(Review by Col Gray. Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 6: December 2001)

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