From The Archives: Repo – Fistful Of Redbacks – Album Review (1999)

re_CDAdelaide outfit Repo have come up with an album I rate as the Australian release of 1999. Repo rock ‘n’ roll is an amalgam of Blue Cheer, the MC5, the Murder Junkies, Neil Young’s Crazy Horse and the Stooges. The sound is vital, it’s live, and it’s refreshingly untamed. Repo are giving new definition to hi-energy rock ‘n’ roll with there energetic and sonically brutal tuneage. With an opening line of “Put the foot to the floor out of Magil, 70mph in a S series Val”, you realise that this is the start of something special. And that’s exactly what the opener ‘Wishing They Never Bothered’ is, with vocalist Tony Grudge’s rasping vocal overloaded, his straitjacketed tension a cross between Iggy and Younger. ‘Alcoholic Moronic’ is again, fuming garage punk rock, before the menacing brood of ‘Gone Fishin’ with it’s pummeling drums and mid-tempo carnage takes hold. The Humpers-like ‘Fat Cat Kicked Around’ is another gem, as is the heady run through the Saints ‘Lost & Found’. ‘Steak Knives’ is fast, furious and gloriously fucked up, with all songs maintaining a certain purity of intent, and that intent is to wreak havoc. The guitars churn and the drums pummel you into submission, yet the solid backbone of thundering melody is never forsaken. Anyone heroic enough to seek out REPO will quickly realise that they are creating an exciting new slant on Australian rock ‘n’ roll. Beyond essential.

(Review by Col Gray. Archive Source: Cat Scratch Fever/Vicious Kitten Records Newsletter Issue 3: December 1999)

One thought on “From The Archives: Repo – Fistful Of Redbacks – Album Review (1999)

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    I just found your article titled; “Rockbrat Remembers – The 1989 Hush reformation” from 2010 while doing some research on my uncle, Scott Abrahams. and after reading your conclusion where you state; “Some questions remain though. Do you remember the 1989 Hush reunion? Whatever happened to Scott Abrahams ?”
    I would be more than happy to give you information on my Uncles career after Hush and what he’s up to now for a follow up article.
    I would love to get in contact with you and find more about my Uncle as-well for my own research,
    Thanks, Taj Abrahams

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