CD Review: KIM YANG – OCEAN OF MIND (2019)

a3810106131_16.jpgThe quantity of female singer/songwriters doing the rounds nationally is profuse. The quality however, is sometimes negligible. That’s not a criticism, merely an observation. Plenty out there sure, yet how many are at the pointy end, with a talent and an originality worthy of your attention? One such artist who does merit more listener traction is Kim Yang, a Taiwanese/Australian songstress who possesses an incredibly appealing vocal, has a penchant for catchy melodies, and often hits high notes only the hounds can hear.

Yang has recently released her debut EP, ‘Ocean Of Mind’, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Thematically, there are tales of love and loss and life, and despite the melancholy and minor chords that underpin the three tunes, these are sing-a-long tunes with an identifiable hook, and I assure you that you’ll be humming the chorus’ long after the record has finished playing. That’s the mark of a good song folks, right there.

Of the three tunes on display, all are decent outings with broad acoustic pop/folk appeal. These tunes are by and large stripped-down affairs, highlighted by acoustic guitar and sometimes ukulele, but the voice is BIG, and commands your attention. At times ethereal, at other times evoking the mesmerising shrill of Heather Nova,  or perhaps even Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy or even Joan Baez. Comparisons aside, the sound is fresh, the melodies memorable and the EP is in one word, captivating. ‘Ocean Of Mind’ – aesthetics for your ears. 8 out of 10.



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