Review: A-Bomb – Licence To Kill EP

Got ahold of this release by Victorian outfit A-Bomb late last year and have been cranking it quite a bit. I’ve subsequently become quite familiar with the EP, and it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of hard driving rock, then you’ll need to familiarize yourself as well.

The guitar-heavy title track kick-starts the EP and sets the tone. First thing you’ll note are the strong lead vocals, which assert their authority throughout the tune. The song is rock-solid right the way through and has a cool, ‘1984’ feel to it. You know that’s always gonna put a smile on my face.

Vocalist Daniel ‘Red’ Kehoe has a strong and distinct rock voice. In a world where countless singers often sound a little feeble, his clear-cut sound is very much an ace in the A-Bomb deck.

The straight-ahead tunage of ‘Everybody Bleeds’ keeps the engine turning over and has a pretty cool break down as well. I especially dug the amped-up tones and overall song structure of ‘Borrowed Time’. It’s got a stomping back-beat and some really solid guitar-work, which is something to listen out for. I dig it. Another EP highlight is the song ‘Ain’t Gonna Work’ which contains a sturdy melody and is awash with glorious slide guitar. What’s not to like ? There is a nice bass intro as well courtesy of Kevin Hunt – who once did time as one of Josie Jason’s Argonauts. Strong composition this one.

I believe that the band are working on new material with plans for another release later this year. If you dig loud, robust, rock n roll laced with melody, make an effort to search these guys out. ‘Licence To Kill’ can be purchased from A-Bomb via their Facebook page.

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