Echo Del Tusker again come up trumps with new single ‘What Am I To You’

c16bcc5fb8601af4429bcc9df3751116_XLMelbourne’s Echo Del Tusker have released a new video single ‘What Am I To You’, another super catchy tune that is sure to entice new ears to the band. Over the past couple of years the band have developed a highly original sound that mixes blue-eyed soul with hard rock guitars and a blues edge. While that may be the cornerstone of the band’s sound, with ‘What Am I To You’, you also get a liberal shot of overt funk guitar adding significant groove to the mix.

Remember when the Stones went funk with Some Girls ? Or when Neil Schon played his ass off on the queen of funk rock, Betty Davis’s debut album back in 73? Fusing funk riffs with a big infectious hard rock chorus – Echo Del Tusker have again, come up trumps.

Guitarist Brendan Forward wrote the track, as he sought to capture the feeling of a new relationship when two people first come together and begin to discover each other. “When you just start dating someone you can spend all this time together and still be unsure what you mean to each other. It can be hard to really define exactly what the relationship is. (The song) was loosely inspired by a good friend of mine and was something a bit different lyrically from anything I’d written before’.

Singer Estelle Artois is simply dynamite and a vocal powerhouse, once more delivering the goods with her authentic soul-based sound. The music video for ‘What Am I To You’ was shot by Ian Ritter and features award-winning Melbourne burlesque dancer Ainslie Adams.  Echo Del Tusker will host a single launch party at Frankie’s Pizza (Sydney) on 21 March, 2020.

As I have written before, Echo Del Tusker have all the ingredients needed to take them to the major leagues. If they continue to release new singes as good as this one, it’s only a matter of time before a major label or mainstream radio take the bait and they break wide open. Get on board and see what all the fuss is about. You won’t be disappointed.  Forget funkadelic – I’ll go with funkadeltusker. Recommended.




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