A resurrected Bombers line-up set to rock again

video collage of the newly announced ‘Ty Coates’ Bombers’ band

There is much excitement in the Australian rock world with late 80’s powerhouse outfit The Bombers announcing reformation plans. The band, to be known as ‘Ty Coates’ Bombers’ includes vocalist and founding member Ty Coates, acclaimed blues-rock guitarist Christina Crofts, drummer Ryan Mathison and bassist Mick Carter.

In a post on their official Facebook page dated 1st May, Ty Coates said the resurrection was ‘to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of (the band’s 1990 major label recording) ‘Aim High’. Coates added ‘I’ve toyed with the idea of putting something together for ages and it’s been suggested many times.’

To co-incide with the announcement of Ty Coates’ Bombers – the band premiered a video featuring a reworking of the song ‘Aim High’. Due to the ‘stay at home’ restrictions – in place because of the Coronavirus pandemic – band members appear separately in the video clip.

Interest in the new project appears sky high, with several thousand fans already viewing the video – in the twenty four hours since it launched. The past twelve months has seen a renewed interest in The Bombers, with UK label Barrel and Squidger releasing a lost 1989 live recording – and French label Bad Reputation re-issuing the band’s long out of print album ‘Aim High’.

In a move rarely seen in music history, Christina Crofts will be playing the guitar parts of her late husband Steve – whose searing slide guitar was an integral part of the Bombers sound. Crofts herself is highly regarded by blues rock fans and has released several highly acclaimed albums. In a recent post on her Facebook page, Crofts hinted at what was to come stating ‘I’ve been jamming along with the Bombers for a while now – trying to tap into Steve’s guitar vibe.’

The inclusion of Christina Crofts adds much weight to this outfit and gives the project an authentic feel.

With regard to what material this new outfit may perform Coates stated ‘the new line-up will be breathing life into the old tunes, plus adding some new material, some of which was written ‘back in the day’ but was never released’.

The new project appears to have the blessing of fellow founding member – and long-time Status Quo bassist Alan Lancaster who in the aforementioned Facebook post stated “I’ve heard some of the tracks from the new line up and I think it’s fantastic. Ty and the new band have done a great job of the catalogue…I love it and I’m looking forward to it!”

For further details please visit https://www.facebook.com/thebombersband/

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