Head Over Heels band- 1971 – hard rock classic from 50 years ago

Superb debut album from 1971 from this Michigan power trio whose debut album is powerful and inventive – one of the best unknown early 70s hard rock albums out there. Zeppelin-esque, there’s also comparisons to early AC/DC and Cactus (although that’s probably because they were also a hard rockin power trio). The band showcased a solid line up consisting of drummer John Bredeau, singer/guitarist Paul Frank and singer/bassist Michael Urso, (who later went on to Rare Earth) the band only managed to release one instantly obscure album, but what a record! Produced by Dan Moore and Buzz Clifford, 1971’s Head Over Heels is simply great. Top to bottom. Paul Frank’s voice is huge, check out ‘Right Away’ as evidence of this. Yet the album as a whole is massive – and sits as one of the great lost classics of the 70s. Paul Frank had done time with Detroit garage band The Mystics and also released some great material with Fresh Start in the mid 70s on Dunhill Records – before later ending up in Bruzer (with Vinny Appice). They released a killer album called ‘Round 1’ in 1982. Bruzer also included Rick Ramirez (ex-Striker) on guitar.

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