30th anniversary of the Trash Brats debut released on vinyl

Detroit’s i-94 recordings are back ! With a reputation for releasing killer guitar fuelled rock/punk, i-94 have now released on vinyl (first time ever on vinyl) the seminal 1990 debut from Detroit’s glam punks, the Trash Brats. The Trash Brats had too much look and rock in them for the punk crowd and too much punk attitude and rough around the edges for the rock and glam metal crowd. They found their devotees from the Land of Misfit Toys.  Developed their own army of the faithful. People who didn’t mind (and actually liked) that they didn’t fit neatly into one box or another. Hooks that get stuck in your head and heartfelt songwriting that makes you feel as if you know the characters in the songs. This is what those faithful cite as their definitive release. Released on vinyl,  this deluxe package comes in a gatefold jacket with lyric book and essay by the illustrious, industrious Jimmy Doom! Both the bubblegum pink vinyl and wax mage art vinyl copies are all sold out- but the 180 Gram Black vinyl copies are still available.

Some of the previous releases on i-94 are still available, including the Drunk on Rock CD compilation series, the B-Movie Rats live CD, and the Malakas amazing ‘Too Good To Be True’ CD. We at Australian Rock Review were BIG fans of all the bands on i-94 and all these bands were reviewed in Vicious Kitten Fanzine at that time. If you dig cool, underground guitar fuelled rock action, get hip to i-94! https://i-94recordings.com/

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