Sandi Novak Interview (Rum Babas)

Rockbrat: How did Sandi Novak get into rock n roll ? Sandi Novak: High School, (my sister) Janelle and myself formed a kinda post-punk band called The Johso's, and we played all these punk nursery rhymes like 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'. Because we were pretty much broke, I had an old Pearl drum … Continue reading Sandi Novak Interview (Rum Babas)

From The Archives: Chris ‘Smiley’ Pailthorpe (Hush) Interview (1995)

Just over twenty years ago, Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain were sucking the ends of pencils at junior high schools somewhere in Seattle. The word ‘grunge’ had yet to be invented and America was rocking to the sounds of Kiss, Alice Cooper and Suzi Quatro, whilst England was being shaken by the likes of T-Rex, … Continue reading From The Archives: Chris ‘Smiley’ Pailthorpe (Hush) Interview (1995)