Rockbrat Remembers: MASSIVE APPENDAGE

I've written elsewhere on this blog about the great Jed Starr and the various bands he fronted, including Kings Cross, Festers, Star World etc etc - and also Massive Appendage. Search this blog for an interview with Jed for more detail. I recently found this article about Massive Appendage, which was published in Hot Metal Magazine Australia issue … Continue reading Rockbrat Remembers: MASSIVE APPENDAGE

Rockbrat Wonders: Whatever Happened To Jed Starr ?

As a gig goer and hard rock/ heavy rock fan in Sydney in the 1980s, I saw guitarist Jed Starr on dozens of occasions in different bands. All great. I haven’t seen (or heard about) Jed Starr since 2002, and I’d be interested to know of his current musical activities if any.  Jed certainly had … Continue reading Rockbrat Wonders: Whatever Happened To Jed Starr ?